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"Growing up I was constantly around all types of animals. I have always had a huge passion for animals and their well-being. Ever since I’ve been young animals have been drawn to me, As I have been to them! As I grew older, I realize that I would want my career to revolve around animals. So that is the exact reason why I started Pawsitively Pets! I love where I have come and I absolutely love what I do." - Laura


" I am a energetic animal lover, so this job is perfect for me! I also strive to stay fit and healthy, so this job helps me achieve that as well! Win Win, Situation!" - Lynda




“All my life I have had a strong love for dogs and I knew I wanted to work with them. Working with Pawsitively Pets has given me this opportunity and is so perfect for me, it doesn’t even feel like “work”. It brings me so much joy seeing all the happy faces and wagging tails everyday! I am so grateful to be apart of this team and to form bonds with all the sweet dogs!” - Krista

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